Driving profit through partnership


Andy Wilson

Mike Muehlenfeld
Brand Ambassador

David Goldstein

Neil Fergus
Fleet Manager

Gretel Oglesby
Administrative Assistant

Terri Grampa
PA & Fleet Coordinator

Gayle Epstein
Director of Fleet Operations

Dan Sickel
Fleet Manager

Teresa Rodry
Fleet Coordinator

Donna Mancuso
Development Manager

Alejandro Kan
Development Manager

Joe Cross
Development Manager

Chloe Robinson
Marketing Executive

Shalini Harnarine Singh
Administrative Assistant

Rachel Smith
Systems & Process Analyst

UNITED MileFleet combines the purchasing power of two established businesses supplying the Independent US vehicle rental industry. Offering lease and purchase terms across a large number of brands and negotiating great deals with suppliers of key products and services.

1300 Concord Terrace 
Suite 120 
Florida 33323

E: info@unitedmilefleet.com | T: 954 915 9384